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Consommables de laboratoire Clearline Dominique Dutscher

ClearLine® is a brand created by Dominique Dutscher, along with our European partners, to guarantee excellent purity and quality.

Pipette tip conformity according to ISO 8655

The ISO 8655 norm established by an independent laboratory ensures, the pipette tips do not alter the technical specifications of accuracy and reproducibility given by the pipette manufacturer. The following pipettes are certified according to ISO8655.
To view the tips compatibility test results with your pipettes, click on the Clearline tip cat. no. below :

pointes-avec-filtre pointes-avec-filtre

Pointes 1-10 µl
> 037640CL / 037640TCL et 037660CL / 037660TCL
> 030560ACL / 030570ACL
> 713110

Pointes 5-200 µl
> 032230CL / 032250CL
> 032240CL / 032260CL
> 713111

Pointes 10-1000 µl
> 027110CL / 027120CL
> 713112

Pointes 5-1250 µl
> 134750CL / 134760CL
> 713113

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